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210 James A Brennan Rd, Gananoque, ON, K7G1N7

613 929 9927

Monthly Membership

Access to our full line of gym equipment including cardio machines, free weights, and other resistance, core and balance training equipment.

Group Classes

Bootcamps, Pilates,  HIIT, Tabata Classes
$12/drop in
$70 / 6 classes
$135 / 12 classes
$200 / 20 classes

Small Group Strength Classes
**must pre register for these classes** 

$90/ 6 classes
$170 / 12 classes
$275/20 classes

Personal Training

Book your free consultation in with one of our personal trainers to go over your goals and to start yourself on the right track with a fitness and wellness program.


Group Class Schedule

6am Strength (Travis)
930am Essentrics (Gloria)
1030am Mom & Me (Beth)
430pm Bootcamp Circuits (Beth)
630pm Bootcamp Circuits (Sarah)
6am Strength (Beth)
830am Bootcamp Circuits (Travis)
930am Pilates (Gloria)
430pm Pilates (Gloria)
6am Strength (Travis)
12pm Lunch Time Power Hour (HIIT) (Beth)
430pm: Tabata Bootcamp (Beth)
6am Strength (Travis)
9am Pilates (Gloria)
1030am Mom & Me (Beth)
430pm Bootcamp Circuits (Beth)
530pm Strength (Beth)
630pm Bootcamp Circuits (Sarah)
6am Strength (Beth)
12pm Lunch Time Power Hour (HIIT) (Beth)
7am Strength (Beth)
8am Strength (Beth)
9am Strength (Brie)



Bethanie has been a huge influence on my health and fitness. I have had the pleasure of working with her during boot camps in the gym, but most recently online. She is very considerate and compassionate with her training. She tailors and modifies the program when needed to better suit the individual client. She motivates and pushes you to achieve your goals. Her workout program is fun & delivers results. Her meal plan is extremely easy to follow and it’s practical for long term goals for the rest of your life. I 100% recommend Gan fitness & Bethanie as a trainer.

– Lindsay H.



Clean and great facilities, fitness classes to participate in, and an excellent Personal Trainer!

-Heather O


A heart-felt thank you needs to be extended to the best fitness training coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In 6 weeks I have improved mind, body and soul, in ways I didn’t think were possible from the dark place I had accidentally fallen into. I didn’t want to leave the house, let alone work out, eat right, and admit that I needed help. Bethanie Matthews, you are a kind, positive, powerhouse of a human, and your 6-week program brought me back to me. I feel great, I feel that I look great, and I feel my strength returning. Health is all we have, so here’s to making the rest of my life a fit, happy, and healthy one that includes training at Gan Fitness.

-Kate R.

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